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12/14/2014 11:41:13 PM - Yessica Martinez
Cambered bar squats with chains at Orlando Barbell - PR!

Today was suppose to be dynamic lower but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to train with my hermano, Jo Jordan!

1. Box squats on a box squat pad - cambered bar and chains

Worked up to 280 lbs with 120 lbs of chains for 4 reps.

My performance was noticeably better; training with like-minded people, or people for that matter, hyped me up and mentally prepared me for each lift. I usually train alone, so this was a nice change of environment. These felt super light but my form still needs improvement -- my knees caved in a little. Definitely need to do more hip mobility exercises and abductions and adductions to help with that -- really focus on sitting back and knees out.

2. Hypers 4 x 10

3. GHR's (with medicine ball) 3 x 10

4. TKE's 3 x 20 each leg (knee stability exercise)

If you are not familiar with this movement, I suggest reading this article written by Dave Tate explaining what they are and why you should do them:

Jo Jordan!

At my gym, Idolmaker Physique and Performance, we have a different hyper machine, so these were really cool to try!

"God these are so good." (that's what she said)

I want to thank Brian Schwab for letting me train at his gym for the weekend! Jo Jordan for putting up with my shortness (it's not easy adjusting the height between max effort)and all the guys who were there screaming and motivating me to hit this PR!

It was truly a pleasure meeting you all and look forward to the next time!

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Prepping for the APF-AAPF Orlando Barbell Florida State Meet - February 28, 2015

She believed she could, so she did.,
Yessica Martinez

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