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12/29/2014 4:15:56 PM - Yessica Martinez
dynamic benching - training old school

Feels so weird not being able to go and just train at my home gym, Idolmaker. But it also doesn't mean you stop training hard, it just means you have to work harder! Having no access to specialty bars and some equipment at the moment only ignites the fire in this little mean machine (that was so corny). So with that being said, training will seem a little out of whack because I have to work with what I got. You will probably see a lot of volume, a lot of curls for the girls, and punch lines from pumping iron, only because I feel like I'm training in an old school type of environment -- a garage.

1. Dynamic bench with chains - 10 x 3

2. 115 lbs + 40 lbs of chains (with slingshot) max reps - did 20 reps

3. Pause presses 5 x 5 (exploding off the chest)

4. Chain skull crushers 3 x 20

5. Lat pulldowns 3 x 20

6. Stiff arms 3 x 20

7. Curls for the girls 3 x 20

Extra band work: Band tricep pushdowns x 100

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Prepping for the APF-AAPF Orlando Barbell Florida State Meet - February 28, 2015

She believed she could, so she did.,
Yessica Martinez

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