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1/15/2015 12:00:47 AM - Yessica Martinez
Bench - switching things up (deload week)

Took advantage of this day as well -- with dynamic effort on Monday, using lighter weight, I couldn't really say what adjusted form worked best for me. So I used those same forms I worked on with fairly heavy weight. Feel free to critique/comment.

1. 160 lbs 8 x 3

2. Pause presses with 135 lbs 3 x 5

3. Floor presses 4 x 5

4. Incline DB presses 3 x 10 and 1 x burnout set

5. Flat BD presses (lighter weight to shoot for volume) 3 x 20

6a. Pull ups 3 x 6
6b. Face pulls 3 x 10

Extra band work

Band pushdowns x 100

First clip (first video), my feet are more back and closer to the bench but I feel if I go heavier, I will have no leg drive. Second clip (first video), I felt overall weird about it. I posted this same video on my Facebook and got some really good feedback/pointers.

I wanted to share some of these pointers with you in case you guys have the same issues. My issue is, my butt comes off the bench, but for the ENTIRE duration, which is no bueno. Talk about too much arch. Haters.

Brandon Smitley voted for first setup. He advised me to press my heals to the floor and squeeze the bench with my abductors. He also mentioned that on my max effort bench days, I should utilize the board and reverse band work so I feel more comfortable handling heavier loads (that's what she said).

Julia Ladewski voted first setup. That if necessary, just to squeeze the bench with my knees. Honestly, she tries to find any excuse to fit in glute work in everything she does. I don't blame her. Look at her.

Joe Schillero voted first setup. To maybe consider going further out with my feet and really commit to it so my butt doesn't come up but looked good overall. Thanks for being so encouraging Shirillo!

Jo Jordan (aka hermano status) voted first and agreed with Brandon's suggestions.

Hannah Johnson-Hill voted first set up and that it looked more stable than my 195 lb attempt bench press over the weekend.

Vincent Dizenzo voted for the second setup because he felt I met the bar better than the first. Maybe this is something to consider if you are having the same issues I am having but don't really like the first setup.

And Matt Ladewski says if you wear short shorts, it will add 30 lbs to your bench.

I am not trying to confuse anyone with all these pointers. I am just simply sharing these great suggestions. Take what you think will WORK FOR YOU and consider adjusting or tweaking a few things on your bench IF you are having problems or the same issues.

I really appreciate everyone's feedback! We'll see how these changes go. I am hopeful!

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