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1/27/2015 7:11:16 AM -
Legs 1/26/15

Got stuck at work and ended up training at Family Fitness in Portage (closer to my work). I didn't weigh myself but my last weigh in was 281 lb with shoes on and I'm quite a bit leaner than I was two months ago.

Standing Calf:
Seated Calf:

Standing Leg Curls:

2x10 135lb
*add reverse bands
1x5 315lb
1x5 405lb
1x3 495lb
1x3 585lb *add belt
1x3 675lb *add knee wraps
1x10 495lb *no wraps

Lying Leg Curls:

Hack Squats:

Seated Leg Curls:

Leg Extensions:

I'm actually a little pissed looking back over the workout because I was sure I did 765x3 on the squats...but going back over the workout in my mind the set count ends at 675lb.
The bar was filled with as many plates as it could hold and that's usually 765lb for "normal" sized 45lb plates. I don't know if these were thicker plates (different gym from where I usually train), but I know the bar was loaded to where we could barely fit a clip on the end.

Either way I suppose I'm happy with the workout. The last set of 3 felt easy and was as deep as I could go (it felt very easy if it was 765lb) and I probably could have hit 20 reps with the 495lb (it was reverse bands though).

We had the bands set so there wasn't any tension at the top, but I'm not sure how much it was giving at the bottom. Whatever the tension was, it felt good to get under some heavy weight on squat for the first time since 2008.

It's still a struggle (a good 30 min of stretching minimum) to get under the bar, but I'll keep working on the flexibility.

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Justin Harris

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