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4/19/2005 - Mike
My results from the IronHouse

I gotta tell ya, eight weeks out from this meet I couldn't of been more fired up. But as the weeks went passed I started to struggle with weights that I should've been playing with. Nothing more frustrating then light weights feeling heavy and not finding your groove. I was overtrained. Instead of backing off, I got into the mind set that the next week would be better. Finally I listened to Lou and Dave and pretty much did nothing for the last two weeks before the meet.

The day of the meet I was a bit nervous. Nervous because I really didn't know where I was with my lifts except maybe for the bench. I couldn't get 'amped up' at all. It was almost as if I was tired, even though I took 600mg of caffeine and two 25mg ephedrine tabs.

I decided to open conservatively in the squat with 920. It was easy but I wasn't nearly explosive as I have been in the passed. I jumped to 1020 and it too felt good but slow. I took some advice from some of the guys around me who told me to move my feet in and it would solve my problem. I took 1060 and couldn't set up with it. I unracked the weight, held it for a second to let the bar settle and then I would start to get back on my heels. After three more times of this I passed the lift.

The bench I opened with 625. It felt pretty good. 675 was my second attempt and it was like the first. 15lb PR. The weight I really wanted I took on my third. 700 would of been huge for my non-benching ass but not this day. I couldn't lockout my right arm.

I thought the deadlift was going to go the way my squat did. I hadn't pulled in 6 or 7 weeks and my warmups felt like a ton. At this point I wasn't taken anything serious. Just before walking up to the platform I mentioned to Joe Bayles and Josh Guthredge how the straps on my suit made me look like something off of that '80's Flash Gordon movie and laughed about it as I was walking up to the platform. My opener of 760 felt surprisingly light. I then jumped to 815 which felt super strong until about half way up I tore a callus and the bar started to slip in my right hand. I held onto it by my finger tips and nailed it. I passed my third.

Result... 2510 total(5lb pr).

I haven't made up my mind yet about the APF Seniors. It might be a little too close and I'm pretty beat up. Not to mention the whole reason for doing the Seniors was to get to the WPO Semi's and eventually the Arnold. Now that the Semi's are going to be held in Finland you can count me out. If by chance I do the Seniors it will be my last 'hoorah'. I had some lab work done before this meet and the results were not good. I have to drastically change some things or I'm going to be in big trouble(please don't ask I don't want to talk about it). I'll still post my training if any of you are interested and answer any training questions that you might have.

Mike Ruggiera

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