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7/10/2005 - Mike
Legs & bi's

I missed Fridays workout because I had an appointment to see a cardiologist. I was experiencing some pauses in my heart prior to the Seniors. I was little concerned so I saw my Dr. who refered me to the cardiologist. News was good, heart is ok. What I was experiencing was a 'normal' malfunction which most people don't feel. It was a premature ventricular contraction. Long story short, heart is fine, the ultra sound was cool as hell.

I missed another workout at the compound this morning(sorry guys). It seems lately I've been working later and later and it keeps on getting harder to wake up in the morning. Anyway, I went to one of the local World Gyms and met up with a friend who wanted to hit legs. Here's what we did...

Full Squats

Leg Presses
10plates x10
16plates x10
20plates x6

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Leg Curls
3sets of 10

Leg Ext.
3sets of 10

Alternate Db Curls
3sets of 8

Preacher Curls
3sets of 10

Reverse Grip Curls
3sets of 10

Incline Situps
2sets of 20
set of 10

It's now about 3 hours after todays workout and I can barely move.

Mike Ruggiera

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