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12/18/2005 - Mike
Benchin', Shoulders&Tri's

Benchin'(don't laugh)

Db Shoulder Presses
75's x3sets of 15

Two Hand Db Tri Ext.
140x8(funniest thing, I tripped carrying the db back to the rack and almost busted my ass. I would've went nuts laughing if I were to see someone do what I did.)

Overhead Cable Tri Ext
3sets of 15

Incline Situps
sets of 20 and 15

Ok, here's the skinny on my lab work... my triglycerides went back up a bit but not as bad as they were. I blame this on the holidays. Cholesterol was at 200, not bad but it's got to get better. I've been complaining of fatigue, lack of recovery from my training and how my wife has to drag me up to the bedroom(if ya know what I mean), so my doctor suggested I get my test levels checked out. Low and behold, my test levels came back low low. Matter of fact, my doctor said my test levels were that of a little girl. LOL. The guy has a way with words. My blood pressure is still excellent and my bodyweight, as of this morning, a lean 306lbs.

Mike Ruggiera

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