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5/24/2006 12:03:23 PM - Mike
Back and Biceps

bar x a shitload

Pull Ups
2sets of 5
sets of 6 w/a little help

Ultra Wide Pulldowns
4sets of 10

One Arm Machine Rows
3sets of 10 each arm

Preacher Curls
3sets of 8

Hammer Curls
40's x15, grabbed 70's for 7
45's x15, grabbed 75's for 7
50's x15, done

Forgot to do some shrugs... tomorrow.

Here's one for the peanut gallery... I decided to do gm's today because I got into a heated debate on another lifting board about if they were safe or not and if someone could benefit from training them heavy. So, this reminded me that I haven't done them in awhile and thought it would be good to do them. After my set using 455 I noticed a couple of guys snickering at I assumed was me. I did my next set and my friend Dan mentioned that he noticed the same thing so I wasn't imagining things. So, I decided to burst these two turds bubble by asking them how I looked doing my sets. The fucktard didn't even know what I was doing. Didn't know there was an exercise called a 'goodmorning' let alone what muscle groups the exercise hit. The guy didn't even let me in on what he was laughing at. Maybe it was my ass sweat. Oh well... life at a commercial gym.

Mike Ruggiera

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