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8/26/2006 11:05:53 AM - Mike
Legs (or lack of)

Doing my warm ups and stretches this morning I knew I was in trouble. Between warm up sets I found myself in a daze, staring at the walls and at some of the idiots in the gym. The weights felt heavy, my groin was still reminding me that it was an issue. The plan this morning was to start with 505 as my first working set of three paused reps, going up 20lbs each set with the hopes of hitting 605. My first set with 505 was a rude awakening that this wasn't going to happen. Not only did my groin yell at me but I felt the pain wrap around my inner thigh into my hamstring. Did this stop me??? No. Like a true idiot I went on to 525. Same thing... paused three reps and pain was still there, no better no worse. Continuing to be an idiot I jumped to 545. I went down only to feel a sharp stabbing feeling in my right vastus medialis. Deciding quickly that I didn't not want to damage it any farther I ended up dumping the weight over my head with a loud crash. Now, you would think that someone would come over and ask if were ok but no, the drones went on with their useless existence.

Now... what happened. I think it was the fact that I was dehydrated. Ask anyone that has ever trained with me and they will tell you I sweat like there is no tomorrow. Not only do I sweat in the gym but I sweat just as bad at work. I try to stay hydrated. For instance, I drank a gallon and a half of water last night just at work. But as everyone knows, water will take out water amongst other things like sodium, pottasium and magnesium. Without these things muscles don't work the way they should. Fogginess, cramping, dizziness, loss of focus can occur, not to mention tweaking and tearing of muscles. This is why I declare myself a 'dumbass'. I know these things yet I refuse to listen to myself and continue to push til I break. Job well fuckin' done Mike.

That concludes my training for the day.

Mike Ruggiera

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