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12/14/2006 12:15:46 PM - Mike
Shoulders and Triceps

I've been battling some upper respiratory funk the last few days... again. I decided to stay away from the gym and get some rest. Today, I thought I was feeling a bit better but soon discovered how wiped out I still am. You know how misery loves company? I felt like going around and hacking and licking all the bars in the gym so everybody could get a taste of what I'm going through. LOL! Nice huh?

Here's what I did this mornin'...

Seated Front Press
bar x15

Pin Presses(hands on smooth)

OverHead Cable Tri Ext

Machine Lateral Raises
3sets of 15

That's it.

One more thing.... don't be a 'piece of shit'. If you f**k up, own up to it. No biggie, everyone screws up sometimes. It's just do you fess up and be a man about it or do run away like a worthless pile of sewage run off because you don't have the balls to admit that you have done something or someone wrong. Ya see, my truck, parked out in front of my house was backed into and the culprit decided not to leave a note and skip. That was Friday. Today, some asshole walked through our backyard walking over our patio which we had stained yesterday, leaving his boot prints behind. So, ya see these are two examples of 'pieces of shit'. Do society a favor, don't be one.

Have a f'n great day,
Mike Ruggiera

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