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12/18/2006 11:49:04 AM - Mike

Goal for today was to hit 315 for 10 sets of 10 on the bench... almost.

Bench Press
bar x15

Pec Dec(light for a stretch)
3sets of 12

Face Pulls
3sets of 15

Incline Leg Raises
3sets of 15

There's this guy that works at the plant that I haul product out of who's name is 'Steve Guns'(I don't think his last name is really 'Guns' but that what it says on his name tag). Steve is a pretty big guy for someone who only weighs 150lbs and is about 5'4''(if that). His arms are every bit as big as mine and the guy is solid. Every once in awhile we'll run into each other and talk about training and what not. He's the one that put the bug in my ass about trying 10 sets of 10 on the bench with a certain weight. He does it it with 275. 275!? I thought for sure 315 would be no problem if he's hitting 275 for 10 sets of 10. Nope... I was wrong. It kicked my ass and I didn't even get all the reps. Steve's best bench is 415 AFTER he does all his working sets. He's never hit a true max or even tried a bench shirt. I asked him about his assistance stuff... you know, shoulders and tri's? He says for shoulders he does some of these and some of these, as he demonstrates the movements for laterals and front raises. For triceps... kickbacks. WHAT?! He says they don't bother his elbows.

Must be nice.

Mike Ruggiera

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