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7/24/2007 12:35:39 AM - Mike
Bench and some upper back(7/23)

The next few weeks I'll be taking it easy with my training. I'm going to try and up my volume, take less time between sets and hit some higher reps. The reason is that my wife and I are going to try again to have another child. We tried last March and we were successful at getting her pregnant but lost the baby at twelve weeks. Because my wife and I have fertility issues, we need a little help from the experts. I have to take meds that negatively effect my training so it is best I take this time, back off, maybe do a little dieting and harden up. What the hell.... I got a motorcycle out of this deal. LOL.

I've been on these fertility meds for two weeks now and my weight has already dropped a good bit. That, the fact I had the 'watery ass' on Friday and not eating hardly at all this weekend, I'm about twenty pounds less than what I was last Monday. That's shitty and makes for shitty lifting.

Bench Press

Machine Inclines
sets of 15,12,10

Flat Db Presses
100's x15,15,13

Pulls to the Face
3sets of 12

Cable Rows
3sets of 15

Pulldowns using straps
3sets of 12

Standing Crunches
3sets of 20

Pathetic huh? This is nothing. The fertility cycle that gave us our daughter was the worse for me training wise. My bodyweight got down to 285 and I could care less about going to the gym. Motivation wasn't there and depression set in. When I decided to go back into the gym I couldn't get 225 for three sets of 10 on the bench. Unbelievable. But ya know, I can complain about being as weak as a wet paper bag but I got my beautiful daughter out of it and that makes it all worth while.

Mike Ruggiera

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