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11/10/2007 1:47:59 PM - Mike

Good Mornings

Leg Curls
3sets of 7

3sets of 7 w/45lbs

Leg Presses
10 plates x8
12 plates x8
13 plates x8

Incline Situps
2sets of 20

Went and had my MRI done today. I heard the stories about them, how loud they were and so on. Today... I freaked out. The lady operating this thing, Brenda, rolled me into this open MRI machine and my robust belly was touching and I couldn't believe how close my face was to this thing. It was pretty tight. I never thought I was clausterphobic but man, it hit me. I started waving my arm and yelling. LOL! Brenda rolled me out, talked to me for a bit and we had a chuckle. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and had her blast the headphones. I was only in there for about 40 minutes or so but it seemed like forever. I've skydived three times and that wasn't as nerve racking as this. If there is a next time, I will defintely be medicated.

Another thing to bitch about.... This morning I was running a bit late for my MRI appointment so I skipped out on my protein shake breakfast. I thought I would just stop at McD's after and get a quick sandwich on my way to the gym. Now, when it comes to fast food sandwiches I like'em plain, nothing on them. So, I'm at the drive thru and the kid asks me for my order. I say I want a crispy chicken sandwich with nothing on it and a Coke. I didn't stutter, I didn't slur my words or use any kind of slang and certainly spoke the English language. He hands me my stuff and away I went, trying to get my ass to the gym. So, I'm on the highway and I pull out the little box that contains my plain crispy sandwich... so I thought. I pull it out and notice it's not the crispy chicken but the grilled. Okay... but I also notice it had lettuce which is a sure sign that is has mayo on it and I can't stand f*#@ing mayo. Instant pissed off. As I'm bitching and driving, I'm also trying to scrape the jiz off my sandwich with the one napkin that the jerkoff back at McDonalds gave me. I finally get the stuff off and I'm practically inhaling the sandwich because I'm starving. This is not a good thing because I have a habit of not chewing my food all the way and it gets stuck half way down my esophagus. I grab the coke and start slurping away to get the food down and don't ya know, my buddy back at Mickey D's filled the entire cup with ice. I get two slurps of soda and the food is still stuck. Eventually the food works it way down but not before putting me through about ten minutes of hell. That's my bitch for the week.

Ya know, I hate drive thru's and I hate fast food workers even more.

Have a nice day,
Mike Ruggiera

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