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12/16/2007 1:06:31 PM - Mike
Last couple of workouts


Floor Pin Presses(about 7'' from lockout)

Overhead Cable Ext.
4sets of 15

Lateral Raises
3sets of 12

V-Grip Pulldowns
3sets of 20

Machine Pullovers
3sets of 15

Wrist Roller
3sets each way

Incline Situps
3sets of 15


Belt Squats(the old fashioned kind... tough)
490x8(this is as heavy as I could go, not enough chain. I would of done more reps but the belt was pinching the shit out of me)

Leg Curls
3sets of 7

One Legged Leg Curls
2sets of 10

Supinated Curls
right arm 45x20,50x16,55x10
left arm 15x20x3sets

Straight Leg Situps
3sets of 15

I was throwing my clothes on to go to the gym this morning and I noticed my 4x elitefts shirt was hanging just a little differently on me. I knew it couldn't be good, so I stepped on the scale when I got there. I weighed in at a slim 305 and my heart sank a bit. I thought I lost some from not training as hard and not being able to attack certain bodyparts but shit... 30lbs? Anyone that knows me knows that I am a mental midget when it comes to this stuff. Ahh shit, maybe I'll take this time to see how lean I can get until I get the okay to start training hard again.

Mike Ruggiera

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