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2/23/2008 2:23:29 PM - Mike
Arms and stuff

Warm up
2 vivarin + 2 primatene + 1 Redline

Straight Bar Curls

Alt Db Curls
50's x7
60's x7
55's x7

One Arm Machine Preachers

Partial Presses on Smith Machine w/mini's
5sets of 10-15

Overhead Two Arm Db Ext

Overhead Cable Ext
4sets of 15

One Arm Db Rows

Hanging Leg Raises
3sets of 15

Today, believe it or not, was a good day. I felt great. I know, I know, my strength is still in the crapper but there is a reason. Two weeks after my surgery for my bicep repair, my wife thought while I was going to have some down time, it would be a great idea to have me start fertility treatments so we can have another child. She wants one in the worst way, even more so since she had her miscarrage last year. The treatments consist of taking HCG and Tamoxifen for 10 weeks. The Tamoxifen sheds water like crazy, that's the reason for the drastic weight loss that I had. Going from 335 to 285 in a few weeks has a nasty effect on one's strength and training, not to mention what it does to the mind. So, right now I'm fighting to stay motivated and keep plugging away in the gym. By the way, the treatment worked. I had 48 million swimmers. On Lori's end though, Mother Nature just didn't happen. It looks like a few more weeks of this stuff.

I thought 'baby making' was supposed to be fun,
Mike Ruggiera

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