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8/2/2008 12:28:54 AM - Mike
8/1 Shit Happened

Seated Front Press
Rolling Db Ext.
90's x10,110's no go

As my luck would have it I think I might have tore my tricep. I was hitting some rolling db extensions and the 90's felt unbelievably easy. So I jumped up to the 110's and as lowered them down I swore I heard a popping noise and followed by an incredible shot of pain in my left tricep, my good one. I ended up dropping the weights and scurrying around the gym yelling and mumbling every swear word I could think of. Then I got light headed and the nausea hit. The muscle from what I could tell is still attached but there was immediate swelling. That was at 11:30 am. I wasn't able to put any ice on it as I had to go home, shower and get my ass to work. It's now 1:45am the next day and my arm is swelled up beyond belief. My wife wrapped it with an ace and I have ice on it now. The fucker aches a lot. I pray I didn't tear it off the bone. I'm so tired of doctors, surgeons, hospitals and the very thought of having another surgery.

Mike Ruggiera

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