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8/8/2008 1:28:40 AM - Bill Lawlor
Good to hear that its just a muscle belly tear and no surgery needed.Now i havnt reached your level although i'll try until it kills me so feel free to tell me to fuck off but why take the risk with a goofy exercise like db extensions? I always thought that if its not a compound movement that the damage is done with then its not worth anything either way.Much better to fall like a hero with a squat,bench ,dl etc than a db ex.Just a thought and heal up fast.

Hey Bill,

There is a reason for assistance exercises... they help get your squat, bench or pull stronger. I like rolling db extensions because I think they make my triceps stronger, thus helping my bench(which needs all the help it can get). Not only that but they make my triceps grow. Had I known that I was going to screw my tri up by doing them I would have skipped them. Lately I have been tweaking this and hurting that. My wife and doctor think it's all due to dehyration. I have to agree with them because I sweat like no one. If it's hotter than 60 degrees I'm sweatin'. So, I don't think it was the exercise, it was the condition I was in.

Just to let you know... I haven't reached my level yet either. Thanks bro for the well wishes.

Mike Ruggiera

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