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8/22/2008 12:32:42 PM - Derek
Do you think you'd ever train box squats again? I remember when you did that 995 box squat without wraps a few years back...unreal. That & your belt squats...we had a belt squat machine at our gym & I used to think, there must be something up with that belt squat machine & then I remembered it was big Mike on it...What did you hit? near 800 for reps, I believe.

Hey Derek,

I don't know if I'll ever train box squats again, atleast not to the extent that I did. Right now I'm just having fun and trying to put some size back on my legs. Besides, training box squats heavy I would need to train out of a monolift. They don't have one at the commercial gym I train at.

My best belt squat was 815 for a triple. I did that back when Andre 'Tilt' Henry was training at Westside and Lou thought Tilt was the second coming of Paul Anderson. Anyway, some of the guys and Lou were talking about how Tilt had nailed an 800lb belt squat for a single and how strong it was. Well, what was great about Westside is that you never wanted to get beat by the next guy and I certainly didn't want to get beat by the next Paul Anderson.

Mike Ruggiera

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