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8/28/2008 12:09:06 AM - Greg

I have noticed that you do a lot of bent rows in your training. This is something that I have recently added back to my workouts to primarily help my bench stability and to just get a bigger back. I am wondering if you could describe the form you use on these. Do you do them from the floor or take the bar out of j-hooks in the rack? How far do you bend over when you do these? Any info/tips you have would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I used to do bent rows with my back parallel to the floor and knees slightly bent. This worked well but I find that if I keep my back at a slight angle, knees bent and getting back on my heels I can handle more weight and I don't feel it in my lower back nearly as much.

I like taking the weight out of the rack and taking a step or two back instead of the floor. Nothing wrong with taking it from the floor, it's just preference.

Bent rows are a great exercise. I suggest varying the amount of reps you do with them from time to time. Just for something different.

Mike Ruggiera

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