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9/1/2008 9:21:23 PM - Mike

I blew off squattin' on Saturday to help a friend move and yesterday, my wife and I took our daughter to Zoombezi Bay at the Columbus Zoo. It's a water park and I got sunburned beyond belief. "Ahhhh... I don't need any sunscreen", I said a half a dozen times. If you had to, you could warm your hands off my back or possibly even fry an egg. And today I decided to do some benching. 'Stingy' is how describe how it went today.

Bench Press
Incline Db Press
80's x15x2sets, set of 20
Some kind of db press where you keep the db's together
3sets of 15 w/35's,45's,55's
Band Pullaparts
3sets of 15(used mini band and had a hard time keeping my arm locked out... the bad arm)

That was it. Decided to go riding and ended up down at Old Man's Cave. Nice place, except I kept getting attacked by a horsefly the size of Mothra. The son of a bitch bit me right through my shirt! At that point I was ready to get back on the bike and get back on the road.

Benchin' today would of been better if I could of got more pop off my chest. My mind was totally on my burn and my reps were rediculously slow. My tricep is coming around but there are things that still give me trouble. I'll get through it though. I want to get my bench back to 500 without a shirt.

Mike Ruggiera

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