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9/3/2008 11:57:08 AM - Mike
upper back and stuff

Bent Rows
V-Grip Pulldowns
3sets of 12

Did a giant set with...

Partial Pullups
3sets of 12
Hammer Curls
50's x15,55's x15,60's x15
One Arm Presses on Hammer Strength Bench Press
3sets of 30 each arm w/45lb plate(this was to help my tricep)

I was helping my wife with her bench shirt today and it ate most of my time. We went out to Elitefitnesssystems a couple of weeks ago and met up with Jim. Jim suggested Lori get the single ply King Presser. The material is extreme and ya gotta love that. I just wish I didn't screw up my arm so that her and I could do a meet together(how romantic, huh?). Anyway, it's her first time with a shirt and getting used to the groove, the pressure and everything you have to do(arch, keep back tight, tuck your elbows, squeeze the bar, heals, down drive with your legs, you know... that kind of stuff) is just going to take a little time. Shit, I don't think I ever got the hang of the damn things.

Mike Ruggiera

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