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10/5/2008 12:38:01 PM -
M-E Bench 10-5-08

I did some crazy shit yesterday. I was sitting on my couch eating a healthy pizza with my 2 nephews when my main man Glar"gary Larson called asking me for a favor. It seems the personal training company he works for was involved in a fund raiser for a local children's hospital.
Part of the event was a washing machine throw for distance. At the last minute one of the guys competing backed out and I was called upon to pinch hit. I thought it was ridiculous, but gave it my best shot anyway.
Believe it or not, on my third attempt I broke the Guiness Book of World records,record of 11 ft. I threw the fucking
thing 12 feet!!!When i got home I researched it on the internet, and lo and behold I did infact break a legitimate world record.And actually was throwing a machine that weighed 20 lbs more than the oficial record machine,,held by some fucked up Austrailian Strong man. Unfortunately, no video as of yet of this dibocle. I'm not sure how I should feel about this record,proud,embarassed..who the hell knows..just thought I would share it with you and it was for a good cause.

Now on to real shit sunday bench training

Flat Bench
bar/135//175//225 x 10
275/315/365/405 x 3 warm up
455 x 1
495 x 1
550 x 1
added 1 board with foam
585 x 1
635 x 1
650 x 1
heres a video of the 650

also a video of Gary doing 635 for a triple off same board foam combo in shirt

Tate Presses///with 2 board
135 x 15
225 x 10
315 x 10

Medium Band Pushdowns
4 x 25

Thats all i had in me,Im sore as hell form the event yesterday so i was pleased with my training today. Im still trying to figure out if what i did yesterday is good or not, i meen is breaking that record a good thing I dont know is washing machine throwing a sport// I sure as hell doubt it.
The best part of the event however was beating the pretty boy body builder type who was also compeeting. It was nice to see him shut up and accept defeat especially with all the trash he was talking // again is trash talking common in apliance throwing, someone please enlighten me. Maybe theyll put me in the guinees book on the same page as the worlds fattest man or the longest ass beard or ugliest genitals then it will be all worth it

Travis Rogers

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