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10/24/2008 12:24:59 AM - Mike
Big Mike,

I am a SHW (BW 330) and i am having some squat gear issues. Ive noticed that my squat actually feels more uncomfortable when I have more gear on. I am now experimenting with losing briefs under my ACE squatter so that i can get more hip mobility ion the hole. I am trying it tomorrow. Being a SHW, when you were competing at westside did you ever have this issue?


To tell ya the truth, I hated using all that gear. It seemed the more radical the equipment the harder it was to get used to and it hampered me more than it helped. Everyone was using it though and I thought I had to have it to put up the big numbers. When I first squatted a grand I only had a two ply poly squat suit(can't remember if it was an Inzer Z or a Frantz)and no briefs. When I squatted 1050, I had two ply Metal briefs and a two ply Metal Pro Squatter squat suit. All that equipment got me 50lbs and it wasn't because the equipment was bad, it was because I wasn't good at using it. To get used to the equipment and the uncomfortable feeling you might get from it, you need to use it and practice with it. The Ace Squatter, from what I've heard and seen, is a pretty radical squat suit. Add briefs to it and you better have a shitload of weight on the bar to get yourself in the hole. Try ditching the briefs for awhile to get the feel of the suit and then try a pair of single ply briefs underneath your suit. This should help you out. You just might have to go a suit that isn't as extreme as the Ace.

Mike Ruggiera

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