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11/1/2008 7:12:17 PM - Mike
yesterday and today

Yesterday - Shoulders and Tri's

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
Skull Crushers w/straight bar
Machine Laterals
3sets of 10
3sets of 12

Had to cut it short. I was off to the chiropractor. Funny... this guy didn't need x-rays, any long ass evaluation and adjusted me the same day, unlike that other jerkoff.

Today - Ass whoopin' at the compound

Box Squats w/yoke bar and chains
worked up to 725 w/10 chains per side x2(check with Dave Tate to see if my math is correct)
Hack Squats
3sets of 10
Chest Supported Rows
3sets of 15

That was it. My back was quivering with little muscle spasms from the squatting. It was all good. Dave got me fired up when his alter ego 'Zippy' showed up. It was like the old days at Westside. We had a great bullshit session afterwards too. I got to try and make it out there more often.

Mike Ruggiera

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