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12/9/2008 12:34:56 AM - Mike
last couple of workouts, the flu bug and a new direction

Thursday 12/4

Incline Situps
2sets of 30
Alt. Db Curls
50's x7,60's x7,65's x7,70's x7,80's x7
Two Arm Machine Preachers
3sets of 10-12
Neck Work(front and back)
3sets of 20 each way
Cable Curls
3sets of 15
Grip Work

Later that night I came down with a flu bug that gave me the chills, nausea, aches and just overall tiredness. I tried to train Friday but all I could muster was a couple of sets of close grip bench with 135 and I went home. I'd say as of right now I've lost about 10lbs and my appetite is nowhere what it was.

Now for my 'new direction'... for awhile now I've been trying to lose some weight, get in better shape and have a better appearence. Prior to getting the flu bug, I got my weight down to 315 from 325'ish. I did this by not eating as many meals and skipping my protein shakes here and there. Right now my weight is 305 and I plan on taking it down to 280-290. If any of you know me, it's going to be a total mind screwing for me and it's already started. I believe though that if I can just give it a little time that I will make the adjustment and be happy at a lighter weight. You know what's funny? Years ago when I first hit a bodyweight of 280 I thought damn, that's pretty big. Now that I'm dropping down to that weight, I feel like I'm going to be pip-squeak.

As for my training logs, I'll keep posting but I won't be emphisizing how much weight I'm using. Believe me, with the amount of weight I've dropped so far, my strength has already hit the shitter. I'm sure it will rebound but until then I'll be posting my exercise scheme, stuff I'm doing for cardio and an occasional photo of my progress.

Mondays workout...

5sets of 15
Db Shoulder Presses
4sets of 15
Reverse Grip Pushdowns
3sets of 15
Machine Fly's
3sets of 12-15
Lateral Raises
3sets of 12
One Arm Cable Ext
3sets of 15 per arm
Hanging Leg Raises
3sets of 15-20

This took about an hour.

Mike Ruggiera

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