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12/20/2008 8:30:24 PM - Mike
last few workouts

12/16 upper back

V-Grip Pulldowns
4sets of 12
Bent Rows
3sets of 10
Db Shrugs
3sets of 20
Cable Upright Rows w/rope
3sets of 12-15
Seated Cable Rows
4sets of 8-10
Pulldowns to the Belly
3sets of 12
Hanging Leg raises
3sets of 20

12/18 bi's and stuff

Two Arm Curls w/straight bar
4sets of 12
Hammer Curls
3sets of 10
One Arm Preachers
3sets of 15 per arm
Neck Machine Work
3sets of 20(front and back)
5sets of 20
Grip work

12/20 chest, shoulders and tris

Ultra Wide Grip Partial Rep Bench work
4sets of 10, set of 15,set of 20
Db Shoulder Presses
4sets of 15
Rolling Db Ext
4sets of 15 w/20 sec. between sets
Machine Flys superset w/Rear Delt Work
3sets of 15 each
Wide Grip Pushdowns
3sets of 12
Incline Situps
3sets of 20

My bodyweight is down to 295 today. I've been eating only four meals a day and trying to cut any carb intake after 6pm. Trying. It seems to be working and I've lost a bunch of water weight. Damn it to hell, my strength is defintely in the crapper. On the other hand, I feel more energetic and I'm able to fit im my size 40 jeans from ten years ago. I'll start hitting my legs next week. The ole' lower back is feeling pretty good.

Mike Ruggiera

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