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12/29/2008 12:00:57 PM - Nathan
Hey Mike, I was wondering if you could give a sample day/menu of what your diet roughly looked like when you pushed your bodyweight up to around 320. Just wanted to see the volume of food it took for you to reach that. Thanks for the help and have fun with the AR!


It's been a long time ago since I first broke the 300lb bodyweight mark. I remember eating everything under the sun and it wasn't always healthy.

I think it was in 1993 when I hit 300. I was bouncing at night clubs and a 'booby' bar six nights a week and attending college. If my classes were early, I downed a few bowls of cereal and was off to class. If they were late in the morning, I would hit one of three diners, Karl's Country Kitchen, Mothers Cupboard or Tri'R'Diner... all great greasy spoons. When visiting one of these fine establishments I would order 6 scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon, double order of toast, large glass of milk and juice. Oh yeah, coffee too.

For lunch I always seemed to make it back to Tri'R'Diner, even if I were clear across town attending classes. Their double burgers were to die for along with fries and pumpkin pie. Rose always added whip cream to my pie, which made me feel kinda 'special. Thursday's and Friday's they had fish there which I would order. Good stuff.

Two hours before I trained I would always woof down a couple of cans of Beefaroni or Mini Ravioli's and a huge glass of milk and then take an hour nap. Afternoon naps are the best, especially on a belly full of Chef Boyardee.

Right before my workout I would down a Mass Recovery drink and a Super Tea. After training it was another Mass Recovery and/or a Bulk Force.

About an hour after, if I wasn't going out to dinner with my friends to a steak house, Tully's Sports Bar or an Italian restaurant I was making something at home. Steak, burgers, chicken or some kind of pasta with an extreme meat sauce.

Before I went to bed I would down two cups of cottage cheese with some pineapple. Good stuff.

Now, this doesn't include the occasional protein shakes that included 1/4 gallon of ice cream, milk and 4 scoops of protein or the occasional trip to Mickey D's, Burger King or Wendy's. And don't let me forget the pizza... lot's of pizza.

This was what I ate pretty much on a daily basis way back when. I've since changed that up since finding out that I was borderine diabetic(gee, I wonder why?). I'm a bit more aware of what food is beneficial and which is crap. I don't recommend doing what I did to break that 300lb mark and beyond.

Mike Ruggiera

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