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1/18/2009 10:54:26 PM -
what the F

Well friends Ive got a doozy of a story for you. I was feeling much healthier friday morning the lovely flu bug had run its course and I was getting ready to head to the gym for my last heavy session before the meet next week. I unfortunately live in one of the worlds rectums Buffalo N.Y. and we hjad recently got a shitload of snow and my driveway was a mess. I if I was a smart man would have shovelled a bit but being lazy by nature and not always the brightest light in the string figured i could just get the car out by ramming the shit out of it. "shocker" I was wrong and got it stuck in a snow drift by my garage, after several minutes of rocking the car back and forth i realized i was simply fucking stuck and saught the help of my better half Carolyn. I had her drive and I Mr. bench press did the pushing, after several tries we got it to back up unfortunately right into another snow drift and we were once again burried to the fenders in the back. I jumped in balls deep in snow now extremely irritated and got myself wedged in between the car and the garage for leverage. After a couple tries it started to move, I gave it one final push and low and behold the crown vic was free. I thaught I was cool as hell I felt like i had just hit the 700 raw bench I dream about untill the pain began to set in. As i was warming up in the passengers side a rush of pain hit me right in the well lets say right in the garbage. I was immediately nautious and the pain was pretty severe I decided against the workout and have been on the couch since periodically icing my junk and munching pain killers in the hopes that this shit would pass, it hasnt gotten much better and is aching like hell as i sit here typing this. I think my trip to Tampa might be off but who knows, Im going to the doctor tomorow to see whats really doin in hopes that its simply a strain I will keep you all informed of my wonderfull condition. I hope like hell that im able to still compete next weekend but I have to say right now its looking grim. That truely sucks as this is the best my bench has been since my switch to raw well what the fuck "sometimes you ride the bull sometimes the bull rides you"

Travis Rogers

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