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1/28/2009 12:45:45 AM -
Back at it 2-27-09
Bench Work

I took what I hope to be is enough time off and am feeling pretty good. Im scheduled to do a guest lift on the 21st of february Here in western N.Y. The meet raises money for the soldiers and there families so I do what i can for them. I got back in the gym tuesday did a moderate chest workout that actually went well.

Power Rack Flat Bench
warm up bar x 25 135 x 10 225 x 10 315 x 5 405 x 5

495 x 3
545 x 3
575 x 3
did all reps basic contest form with pause felt reall good after the 2 week break bar speed was pretty good I like the power rack especially training alone as i did today its much safer and for some rediculus reason I enjoy lifting off to myself
i didnt want to go overboard with nearly 4weeks to go so I kept my heavyu singles to a minimum
605 x 1 x 2 both good clean reps with pause My plan is to go up 10 lbs on my singles for the next 3 heavy days should get me were i want to be for the 21st. So if my logic pans out ill be reafy for some were in the 635 640 range for an opener

JM Presses
225 x 10 xx 3

Coach X Presses
4 x 10 2 plates per side

cable corssovers
medium weight x 25 x 3

reverse 1 arm cable push downs "man thats a mouthfull"
4 x 15 medium stack

1 arm preecher curls hammer strength
90 x 10 x 3

Face Pulls
medium weight x 15 x 3

I felt pretty tired at this point and wrapped it up Ill get back at it tomorow talk to you soon Travis

Travis Rogers

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