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2/22/2009 9:50:45 AM -
Dynamic Effort Lower + Tales with the Diesel Crew

I'll get the training stuff out of the way first as I know several of you don't care to read all the other bs.

Box Squat w/Buffalo Bar
135 + blue band 1x2
225 + blue band 1x2
315 + blue band 1x2
405 + blue band 3x2
455 + blue band 1x2
495 + blue band 1x2
585 + blue band 1x2

Rack Pull's against monster mini

Hypers - 3x10

Several members of the Diesel crew rolled into town Wednesday night. Smitty, Eli, Brad, and Joe Hashey. I took them over to Westside for some bench training and worked with them on their technique. Eli is getting ready for his first meet so is trying to figure out how to use his bench shirt. One thing we discovered was that he was carrying the bar to far up in his hand which was causing his wrists to bend way back. I think once he fixes this he'll go 600+ in the bench easy.

Thursday we all met up for lunch and talked shop. As always most of the conversation was about training and the internet before heading over to Rob Pilgers Columbus Boxing Gym

Friday morning we hit Bob Evans before the gym. Not sure if this is some hidden strength secret but three of the guys from the Diesel crew were drinking chocolate milk which our waitress thought was hilarious and continuously made fun of them.

As always it was awesome having these guys in town. I think I was able to help them quite a bit with their lifts but I also got a lot of help from them. Smitty gave me a bunch of tips for my wrist health as where I been spending more and more time on the computer I've been having some problems.

You can see a few pics from training over on Joe's Synergy Athletics blog

The only thing that sucked about having the guys in town is that I was sick the whole time. In fact Thursday apart from the few hours I spent hanging out I was in bed. But the best part is Friday after lifting I had to head to Louisville for the IYCA summit.

I rest when I die,
AJ Roberts

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