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3/30/2009 9:21:02 PM -
Deadlift- Wave 1/Week 4- DELOAD

3/30/09- Monday- DELOAD WEEK


2)Good Morning
225x8 x8

3a)BB Reverse Lunge
145x6 x6 x6

3b)Ab Wheel
BWx12 x12 x12

Nothing exciting in training today. It's the first day of the deload, and I'm already itching to get back into it. It's amazing, no matter how light reverse lunges are, they still always suck...and this is why my clients will always be forced to do them.

I'm planning on keeping the weight for my assistance work the same for the deloads, but dropping the number of sets (and or) reps.

Somehow, I ended up in this month's Powerlifting USA. There's a picture of me "getting ready to bench." I think that my bench is too pitiful to actually show me lifting the weight.

Here's a picture from an ad that I did for on MySpace. When I did this, my friends joked that it'd be on gay porn sites. They weren't exactly wrong.

Turns out, the ad only pops up for straight women and gay men.

Should've read the fine print,
Matt McGorry

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