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4/14/2009 10:32:26 PM -
Bench Press- Wave 2/Week 2- PR

4/14/09- Tuesday- 5/3/1

1)Bench Press (all reps paused)
(90%)230 x 10

Estimated Max- 307lb (+3lb)

2a)Incline DB Press

2b)Neutral Grip Fat Bar Chinups
+50x6 x6
(Prone Wide Grip)

3a)DB Lateral Raise
35x8 x10

3b)Alt DB Hammer Curl
40x8/side x8 35x8

4)VMO External Rotation

Tuesdays is the day of the massive pump. It's my second high carb day in a row, and I inevitably end up completely swollen. I honestly get strange looks from the other trainers at my gym when they see me on my second high carb versus second low carb day.

Before working with Shelby, I never really understood the concept of leverage and it's relation to hydration and glycogen levels. More importantly, how it relates to strength.

As was explained to me by Justin Harris, water is non-compressible, so essentially the more fully you can hydrate the muscles, the greater the surface area that pushes back when being compressed. Such as, lowering weight in a bench press or squat.

Going to see if I can squeeze in an epsom salt bath before sleep. After the deadlift session yesterday, I could use it.

Thursday night, I'm looking forward to seeing my buddy Ngo break some skulls in the Golden Gloves finals at Madison Square Garden. Two weeks ago, another client of the gym, Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro dominated his comeback K-1 figh in Japan.

Matt McGorry

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