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4/28/2009 9:55:28 PM -
Bench Press- Wave 2/Week 4- DELOAD

4/28/09- Tuesday- 5/3/1

1)Bench Press (all paused)

2a)Incline DB Bench
80x8 x10

2b)Ultra Wide Grip Pullup
BWx18 (PR- 1 rep)

3a)Standing DB Curl

3b)Cable Lateral Raise

4)Cable Ext Rotation

Man, I felt like absolute crap this morning. On top of my allergies, I felt like I was really beginning to get sick. Luckily, Tuesdays are a light day when it comes to training clients, so I was able to sleep in and feel a bit better waking up. Very good timing for a deload week.

On a separate note, I have considered trying the Smolov squat program for some time now. My old training partner from Boston decided to run the program and has seen some amazing results so far. At around 270lb, Brent squatted 535lb raw at our last meet together after finishing the 12 week Sheiko cycle.

After the base program (4 weeks) on Smolov, he squatted 585lb. Now, 2 weeks into the next phase of the program, he just squatted 555x3.

Seeing that he's a lot heavier than myself, I feel like I have no excuse not to try the program at some point. If anything, my recovery should be better than his at a lighter bodyweight.

It's nice to know that even old training partners can keep pushing you despite being in different cities.

I'll definitely continue with 5/3/1 until Raw Nationals, but I may give this a run after that. It would have been smarter to try it right after coming off of Smolov, since my work capacity was so much higher. I'll surely pay for that.

Thinking WAY far ahead,
Matt McGorry

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